aire negro


In her poetic pieces of jewellery from the series AIRE NEGRO Mexican-born artist Alejandra Solar transfers the mundane into the dimenson of surreal.

The name of this exhibition AIRE NEGRO alludes to a mysterious wind which blows black volcanic ash onto a cursed mountain village in Juan Rulfo’s short story “Luvina.”

Alejandra Solar herself uses the term AIRE NEGRO to describe the state of mind she is in while working. From a foggy blur, in which childhood memories blend with present day experiences, her pieces come into being.

Inspired by rich tales from her grandmother about paranormal phenomena, by the pre-Hispanic cult of the dead, and influenced by the literary pioneer of the Latin American Magic Realism, Juan Rulfo, her jewellery examines melancholy, the enigmatic, the macabre, magic and black humour. In Alejandra Solar’s work, the ordinary meets the surreal, everyday images are transformed into new stories.

Fragments of black and white photographs are placed onto rock crystal, jade, dyed agate, quartz and other stones. Made of transparent gemstones, her pieces reflect the fragility of life. As well as cutting and carving her own stones, Alejandra Solar uses other natural material, such as corn leaves, connecting to her heritage since corn was a sacred element in pre-Hispanic culture.

In the series AIRE NEGRO, the scarce presence of colour emphasizes the melancholic and sureal atmosphere surrounding Alejandra Solar's jewellery.

The exhibition AIRE NEGRO is curated by Brigitte Betz. She is an art historian and an expert in jewellery and gemstones, specialized in applied arts. She has worked for museums and auction houses in Trier, Cologne and Munich. The collaboration between her and the artist began in Idar-Oberstein, Germany during their studies: Alejandra Solar at the Gemstone and Jewellery Department and Brigitte Betz in the class of the Gemological Institute.

We are pleased to be hosted by the store of Markus Müller during SCHMUCK 2015.